Nadim Kobeissi (kaepora)’s – used by pedophiles to share child pornography?

by uloadrexposed

It has been brought to my attention that Nadim Kobeissi’s file sharing website, is being used by pedophiles to spread child pornography on the internet. Nadim Kobeissi knows about this, but is deliberately turning a blind eye.

I have been able to verify this for a fact myself after receiving an e-mail from another person who has done so before me. The appropriate authorities in Canada have been alerted to the presence of child pornography on There are most definitely images of child pornography on the website. Obviously I am not going to post the links to the child pornography here. All I can say is that I have verified that child pornography exists on Uloadr. The person who came upon this content claims that all they did was a few searches on the net with creative combinations of search-terms; apparently that’s all you have to do in order child pornography images on to show up.

Let’s have a closer look at the website:

Upon first place, it seems to be a very basic stripped-down file-sharing website like Pastebin and
However, is different from these other sites in a crucial way. Take a closer look again and you will see that unlike Pastebin the website has no Terms of Service, no Privacy Policy, no Abuse Team, not even a contact address or a feedback form. The website has deliberately been designed to look like a ghost-site. If you want to warn the webmaster of about child pornography or other types of abuses (privacy violations, copyright breaches), you’re basically at a loss as to who to turn to or how to contact them. Surely this was done to absolve the owner of the site of any responsibility or accountability. He literally doesn’t care about who is using his website to share what.

Who is the person behind

After doing a bit of research on the net, I have discovered who the person behind is. This person has deliberately made sure to hide their association with to anyone but the most probing and discerning viewer.

Nadim Kobeissi is a Concordia University student, born 1990, in Beirut Lebanon, who uses the alias “Kaepora” on Twitter. He lives in Montreal, Canada. Nadim Kobeissi is deeply involved in the anarchist hacker underground and communicates with a lot of hackers on a daily basis on Twitter and via other means. Nadim Kobeissi admits he is the person behind on his online resume on his personal website

Like I said, upon first glance Nadim Kobeissi’s looks like an abandoned ghost-site with no oversight or supervision whatsoever. Because of this seeming lack of oversight, the file sharing website has become a pedophile’s paradise. Pedophiles can use this website to upload and spread child-pornography to their heart’s content.

Unlike, the file sharing website Pastebin (the concept behind which Nadim Kobeissi ripped off when he made to be a more anarchist/anything-goes version of Pastebin) enables users to “report abuse” and to request to have abusive content such as child pornography removed:

Please email all your questions to admin@. You can also check out our Twitter page. We try to respond to each email but due to the large volume of daily emails it might take a few days for us to write back.

How can I get content removed?
You are only able to remove items that you created while you were logged in. If you pasted something as a guest, there is no delete option. You can however use the ‘REPORT ABUSE’ button above each paste, and explain why the items has to be removed.

Nadim Kobeissi is turning a blind eye to pedophiles using his website to carry out their crimes. One has to wonder why Nadim is so tolerant of pedophiles, and so indifferent to the victims depicted in the pictures now hosted on his file sharing website

The following tweet reveals Nadim Kobeissi’s attitude toward initiatives to put a stop child pornography online:

@Oranj Let’s not be near-sighted – such cases are regularly used to build legal precedents for real censorship, re: Australia and child porn!/kaepora/statuses/69492325134508032

This is the kind of mindset that enables child pornography to spread on the internet. According to Nadim Kobeissi, child pornography is merely an excuse to take down sites and is an impediment to the information anarchy he desires.

I urge you to please contact Nadim Kobeissi and to let him know that his file sharing website has been hijacked by pedophiles who are using it to spread child pornography.

You can contact Nadim Kobeissi to report child pornography and other abuses on his website using the contact information listed here: